Your WHY…

People are rushing and pushing and fighting to be.
But what they are usually doing is attempting to compete with what they believe they should have accomplished by a specific time (age) or point in life. Normally because of what someone else has.

That’s not how things should go.

Your souls mission is to BECOME everything IT was meant to.
Now this is special for each SPECIFIC person.

So let’s say Gods plan for YOU was for you to be a GREAT Writer by let’s say 45.
Thriving across the board- mentally, spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially.
And to have reached your GREATest level in your career after 10 years of perfecting your craft.

Now… Don’t you think this process is going to take time and a procedure?
You can’t become GREAT instantaneously!
There is NO shortcut in life!
There is a process on this journey! You can’t rush it!
Honestly you should not want to!

I have personally NEVER seen ANYONE EVER microwave a cake and have a finished product!
It’s NOT possible!
It takes time and a steady heat of at least 300 degrees to bake a proper cake.
You can’t stick an aluminum cake pan of bater in a microwave on high for 3 minutes (please NEVER try this!!!! Aluminum DOES NOT belong in the microwave!!)
Just trust me!
That is not the right process for a cake!

So why are you rushing and pushing and prodding to BE something to compete with Cynthia Jones and her process and time frame in BECOMING.
Are you ready for what you want? Truly ready?
Are you prepared? Truly prepared and have reached the position of thriving across the board to BECOME as you are supposed to?
Once you get what you want… Have you the ability to sustain that? Not just get and have but keep?

Many don’t understand or BELIEVE (Belief and Faith is VERY important) that you can and WILL get what you want out of life!
But when you get it… Have you grown into the person God purposed you to BECOME to have and KEEP it?

STOP RUSHING!!!! Go through the process and experience it all so you do not miss something!

Your BECOMING was PURPOSED to maintain and sustain the life, lifestyle, and victory God has ALREADY given you!


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