When you are loaned something, you are meant to do something good with it. You are meant to first appreciate and be grateful for that which you did not have, learn and grow. To be able to multiply what was given. And return what was given.

School loans are given so you can learn and grow and make something better of yourself than what you were. You are expected to apply your knowledge gained and gain an income to pay back what is not yours, but was given to you. To help you!

Now that is just money! You see how people hound you when you do not pay back what you owe. I hear students complain all the time that they owe on their student loans and are getting harassed. Ummmm… Harassed??? YOU OWE THEM!!! They helped you! I am assuming that if you had not taken the loan you would not have been able to attend school if it were not for them!

But no judgement! I’ve had to catch myself in the past for doing it too.

Now with God. Did you know your life is not your own? That you belong to him? That he made the ultimate sacrifice of giving his ONLY son Jesus. Jesus gave his LIFE to pay for yours? He paid for YOUR sins, not his! Which the price for this was death. A perfect and sinless man endured this for you! All because he LOVEs you!

What a heart! Can you imagine having a heart like his? Are you willing to die for someone to pay what they owe? Someone who may or may not even recognize what you did for them? And even after he freely gives YOU the choice to have a relationship with him. And what do you give him back? What could you ever give someone back for something so tremendously selfless? And those words do no justice to describe. I honestly can not think of words that do justice to describe something of this caliber. How can you NOT show gratitude???

And all he asks is for a relationship with you! To spend time with him and celebrate him and follow his will and do things they way he knows are the best for YOU. Not him. Everything he has done and will do is FOR YOU!

Are you living right? Are you abiding by his will? Are you even trying or do you even care?

Think on things that are good. Of character and integrity. Be GREAT!

Jesus died for me… The LEAST I can do is live for him!

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