You shouldn’t have to raise a man to be a Man… unless you’re his Mother

I know you’ve seen it. You may have even been this woman before who gave her all to a male whom was not a man only for him to destroy you as a woman.  The “man” that you do everything for, take care of, be there for, encourage, ride for. All while he doesn’t truly appreciate you and often shows how much he doesn’t with confusion, abuse or infidelity.

Let me tell you one thing.  You ARE NOT his Mother! And quite frankly… his Mother did not do her job.

Let me bring this back.

That is NOT a connection for your highest good.

Take your power back! Let go! Gracefully…

Trust that there is better for you and you are soooooo worthy and deserve it!

Then love yourself and allow it to come.

A real Man comes prepared to lead and provide.

You do not have to get a mans life in order.

You do not have to help a man get a job.

You do not have to help a man get his finances together.

You do not have to encourage a man and buy him things.

You do not have to tell him right from wrong and regularly remind him.

Those are things you do for a child.  That’s not even biblical.

In Genesis 1 God started off working.  When he created Adam, Adam had a job. 

Genesis 2:15 “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.”

It wasn’t until Genesis 2:18 that “The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.””

Genesis 2:19-20 Adam is working naming the animals and notices that none of them are suitable as a partner for him.  Only AFTER this does God make EVE for Adam from him.

So let me break this down for you…

God put Adams life in order to start with.

God gave Adam a job and knowledge and wisdom of what he was doing and how it tied to his life, wants and needs.  He knew what was right, wrong, and wasn’t for him.

God knew what he planned for Adam but there was a time of maturation within Adam before God gave him this thing. (His wife)

So Queen… tell me again why you think you’re supposed to ride or die for a grown boy? 

You are NOT his savior! Never can or will be.

A lazy or entitled male who does not wish to grow up is NOT your portion.

A man is to cover, provide for and protect and cherish you. Not vice-versa with you initiating.  This will only cause this male to take you for granted and continue to take and not give as a man was designed to do.

Showing up providing for a woman is masculine instinct.  If he’s not doing this then by default he is showing up with feminine energy. Which leaves the female no other energy and position to hold other than the masculine energy and position that the man should hold.

So while you’re waiting for him to grow and change… that’s all he has to offer.

You do not need to pay for a man or pursue him, initiate contact, buy him things and make all the plans.  This is him receiving. A woman is made to receive.  Do you not see that a woman receives naturally? Her anatomy is set up to where her sexual organs are intrusive.  A man ejaculates out wards.  She receives inwards and creates from that. She carries a child to a 9 month term of maturation and births where she gives back.

Let that sink in and truly over-stand my words.

You are to honor, appreciate and respect leadership.  This is where submission comes naturally.

A male does not just switch roles after this game.  This more than likely plays out with the male deeming the woman who did so much for him as unworthy and if and when he does grow he is repulsed by her and claims she emasculates him and moves to another female who plays a feminine position.  One who would never prepare, groom or provide for him and would not give him the time of day with those childish actions.

A male like this needs help with his self esteem and self worth from a professional and time spent alone and with God.  NOT time spent damaging a woman because she doesn’t truly understand her worth.

A strong woman is BEAUTIFUL and a true man will appreciate her strength as he knows it is a reflection of his strength and care.

A man that leads and provides is worthy to have the benefits of that… in return… assistance (a wife is a help-meet) love, encouragement, gifts, etc. But he will know you as and position you as his WIFE first.

A true relationship is a beautiful dance.  Let it flow.

NEVER settle for less!!

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