Introducing Shannon Dee…

“This is the wife that God wanted me to have” is how Shannon Dee Walker was introduced to the world in the film “Lottery Ticket”.

Shannon Dee Walker was given the gift of being a creative soul.  The young woman is a polymath; a multi-talented individual.  She is a modern day artist, engaged in a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art. Ms. Walker is currently a Model, Actress, Brand Ambassador, Bartender, Author, Branding & Marketing Specialist, Speaker, Teacher, Consultant, Coach, Blogger and Manager. She has a corporate career as well, and is steadily adding to that list of talents. Ms. Walker enjoys both being in the forefront as well as background of the creative scene.  Being both the talent and the director of the process.

The revolutionary young woman believes you should always be learning and growing on a daily basis whether through formal or informal education.  She believes there is absolutely no reason for you not to use your skills, gifts, and talents given to you while you can.

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