When I was young I used to hate change!
It would absolutely freak me out!
I wouldn’t know what to expect or how to prepare! I would spend so much time and energy resisting the change and fighting against the current.
Talk about stress!!!

Then after years of things changing I realized… Hmm… There’s a pattern here!
And… It’s actually NOT so bad!


See when I was young I did not understand that to change meant growth. That change and growth meant new beginnings and new opportunities. That new beginnings and new opportunities meant something BETTER was coming into my life!  That there was a current and flow to life and it was much easier to go with it and ride the wave then attempt to fight it.

I’ve told you guys before… THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FEAR!

That feeling you feel when you are scared or anxious is leading you to an experience you need!

Now danger is real! VERY real! But it is not the same type of feeling.

Don’t be afraid of experiences you need and new things!

A oak tree seed did not start out as a 50 foot oak tree! You think it was afraid of heights? Maybe… You think it had to grow ANYWAYS? ABSOLUTELY!

Susan Jeffers has a quote, and a book that states that courageous people feel the fear… And do it ANYWAYS!

Go be GREAT!!!!

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