The fickle LOVEr

Here, there, everywhere, and back. This is fickle. You are not steadfast and have not made a true decision.
First let me define a few words, commit, fickle and loyal.

Committing is making a choice and decision and sticking with it once you made it despite emotions, circumstances, problems, etc. that may arise.

Fickle, according to the dictionary, is described as something that changes frequently and is unstable.

Loyalty is faithfulness. It is defined as firm and constant allegiance.

As you can see, one of these words is not the same. It does not belong.

Fickleness is kind of like a relational ADD.

Now to over stand so you can implement change.

Your first relationship should be with God. Gods ways are so much higher than ours he is what we should emulate. He is not a man that he changes. He is our creator and desires for us to be more like him, as that is how he made us. In his image.

To commit is to devote your heart and yourself to that decision.
When you commit, it’s incredible what happens.
The universe gives you opportunities and people to commit to and you receive your blessings. Beyond what you could imagine.

To truly LOVE, you LOVE hard. But has your LOVE you give ever been abused so much that you no longer know how to do that? As though your heart no longer has the capacity for that feeling. That is because who you loved did not have the capacity to return what you gave them. But there is someone who will.

Gods pure definition of LOVE is described and its importance is given in the scripture 1 Corinthians 13. Please read it. It is my personal favorite scripture. Patience and kindness.

True LOVE isn’t easy, it will take ALL you’ve got. But give that all to God and he will give you someone he has prepared to withstand, maintain and reciprocate the intensity of true LOVE you have learned through him.

God bless! Go be GREAT!

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