Whoooooo arrrrrre youuuuuuuu?

If you have ever seen the movie “Alice in Wonderland”, you may remember the scene where the caterpillar asked Alice who she was. And her reply was that she did not exactly know as she had changed so much since morning.

This amuses me because I absolutely understand her plight.

Do you know who you are?

What is important to you? Where do you find your truth? What is your identity?

Many people find it in many different places or even in different things.
What exactly defines you?

Does status define you?
Your career, job, achievements, awards? Public recognition?

Are you defined by a cause you are committed to?
Recycling, gay rights, anti-abortion, service to others?

Not quite… ok.

How about power?
Your position, wealth, relationships?

Or possibly your possessions?
Your house you live in, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, your neighborhood?

Does who you have access to define you?
Your friendships with the wealthy business owners, athletes, or entertainers?

Does your symbolic capital define you?
Your number of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram followers?

The pursuit or enjoyment of these things is not a bad thing at all. But… if you lost them. What else would you lose? Would you lose yourself?

So I will once again pose my question… Who are you?

My personal story…
I’ve had status. Several great careers, jobs, experience, achievements, awards and public recognition.
I’ve been for several causes… I have a huge heart for people and especially children, saving the planet, rights for all, pro-life, serving those less fortunate.
I’ve had power… high influential positions, wealth, relationships.
I’ve had possessions… Beautiful dream condo, nice house, nice cars, nice clothes, lived in wealthy neighborhoods.
I’ve had access to great people with achievements and wealth and talent and influence.
I’ve had symbolic capital with influence.

Some things I was able to sustain, some things I lost. And in the end do you know what?
While being grateful for the experiences, none of that truly made me happy.

So who am I?
I would say that I am first a child of God. I am the belief in my truth.

I am not my personal agendas or possessions.
The void in my heart was only filled when I learned of God and what he did for me and what his son did and I followed my personal journey to cultivate a relationship with him.

What I hold most dear are my personal relationships. So I would say that I am… a mother, a daughter, a sister, a cousin, an auntie, a friend.
I can be labeled as many things.
But truly, simply… I AM my heart. That is my best answer.

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