The Goddess Queens Temple

The dictionary defines a temple as “a building devoted to the worship, or regarded as the dwelling place, of a god or gods or other objects of religious reverence.” Do you know that is what your body is? Do you know that is what you are? Not only was Jesus’s perfect life traded to give you life, but as a Christian the Holy Spirit dwells inside of you. Do you go into church acting crazy and disrespectful and wylin out and treating it any kind of way? No? Why? Because you respect Gods house I am assuming?

So why do you treat your body differently than you would treat something to be revered, honored and respected as Gods house? Why would you ever let any old man have sex with you and connect with your essence and life canal? Do you not know that your body is YOUR temple? Do you know that that temple too belongs to God?

Wombman… Wake up! Please! You are divine!

Read Ephesians 5 and see how God says a man should treat his wife. Specifically verses 25 on, but read the whole thing.

Now think about what you read for awhile and think about if you truly understand these things.

A woman’s body is sacred!
A woman, and her body should be honored and treasured as it is the source of life!
A woman’s mind holds the key to enlightenment!

So tell me girls and young women… Why do you not treat, respect, honor and revert yourself as such?

You should NEVER be ashamed of your body or sexuality. You should be very selective of who you share it with. (I.E. Your husband)

Your womb is sacred! A wombman takes in the essence of a man. His mental state, mannerisms, past partners. All of those things become part of you. You should NEVER let an unqualified man inside. A qualified man honors that and you! KNOW how special you as a woman are and KNOW how special a man that sees that is to you!

Every male does not deserve a Queen! And every male does not deserve access to a Queens temple!

Which is why God created sex for marriage. Covenant sex is an act of worship. Marriage is a ministry. Not a business deal or a convenience. Although it could be as well, but not foremost. A man commits to a woman to LOVE her as Christ did the church. He gives of himself in exchange for her doing the same.

Don’t let any male ever give you any less! They must be worthy!

LOVE yourself Goddess Queen! You are a masterpiece!
Go be GREAT!!!

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