Super Mom-preneur: The Professional Juggler

Being a Mom-preneur has been the hardest and most rewarding experience I have ever had.  My son definitely motivates me and gives me strength to keep going.  The beginning of my journey has not been easy as I am a single Mother.  I’ve always been interested in entrepreneurship and have been preparing to be one for many years.  My goal has always been to have multiple revenue streams in several areas.  Using my gifts and talents and knowledge, sharing those, selling products, and being of service.  I have been blessed to be able to juggle raising my son, growing 2 businesses as well as doing great in my career.

It has been a hard journey.  I am fortunate to have a great support system.  It would not be possible for me to do all that I do without the help from my family.  I’ve doubted if i am doing the right thing sacrificing my time and energy and money now to start and grow my businesses.  I’ve questioned if working in my career and not staying at home with my son is a good thing and the right thing almost daily.  I believe as a Mother you always have doubts of whether you are doing things right or doing the right thing at all.

The struggle I deal with the most is just time.  I often do not feel as though there are enough hours in a day.  I’m up early am to go to my job, i come home and do Mommy things and get my son fed, bathed and in bed.  Then i get to work on my businesses until i finally fall asleep.  And the sleep i get is not much.  My toddler wakes up some nights wanting to play or not feeling well so i have to be a Mom to him until he is ok and then i may get a few hours of sleep before i have to start the next day of the routine.  Its not easy and definitely not for the faint of heart or the selfish. Pre- Mommyhood I knew what tired was but now I often get exhausted. At that point I have to remember to fill my own cup and pamper and care for myself to be able to do what I do which is most often pouring into others.

My businesses are growing and I feel accomplished and supported but most of all i feel like i have someone to share it all with, my son who is the legacy i will leave besides what i plan to leave to him.  It feels great to see my son growing and developing well and my businesses growing too.  Its also nice to have finances growing which will lead to not only financial stability but freedom and peace of mind. With all that it is also humbling to be able to inspire other women whether Mothers or not and also whether single or not to know that it is possible with hard work, determination and tenacity to do absolutely anything they put their mind to. Passion is what gives you not only wings, but a second wind when needed. Knowing your why is key.

Great things take time.  Although you must take baby steps while building you also must seize your days and opportunities.  While juggling so much you have to learn how to not only take care of your family and business but also yourself.  Self care is the most important part of juggling because you can not be empty and pour into anything. Taking action even if small is moving in the right direction. Deciding and doing consistently, small wins, add up over time to be major success.

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