“Embrace your inner and outer beauty” – Shannon Dee Walker


Over the past 10 years Shannon Dee has been blessed to work with some AMAZING photographers, designers, stylists, make up artists and talent.  Her objective is to be a pleasure to work with.  Pleasing the client is her goal and she is always given great reviews.  A true passion and hobby that became a profession, Shannon Dee LOVES what she does.  Working hard as well as enjoying each opportunity has made this stunning woman a major player in the game.


Inspirational and Motivational speaking has always been a passion of Shannon Dee Walkers. Since 1984, she’s been diligent in her quest to grow mentally and spiritually obtaining much experience, knowledge and wisdom along with several degrees and certificates. Not only by being formally educated, gaining wisdom through experience and the “school of hard knocks”, she studies informally as well.  Being a light and using your God given gifts and talents to fulfill your purpose is the message she spreads.


Shannon Dee is very big on the pursuit of Excellence and GREATness. She believes everyone is put here and is meant to follow their specific purpose and live up to their full potential. Shannon’s coaching and teachings come from Biblical principles.  Spirituality and a relationship with God is much more important to her than traditional Religion.