Learning Life’s Lessons:

Learning Life's Lessons book mock up

You are thrust into this world with no blueprint; at least most people believe so.  Many do not know what they are placed on this Earth for, and many do not understand the true meaning of love.  Most people follow in the footsteps of those before them and many do not value individuality.  Often times people allow others to influence them.

There are so many young girls, as well as boys, in this world who are not given what they need at home to where they go out looking for it in the world.  They are subject to predators and those that will prey on their weaknesses and abuse them.  Luckily my story isn’t as bad as it possibly could have been.

 “This is the wife God wanted me to have” is how Shannon Dee Walker was introduced to the world in the film “Lottery Ticket”.  Shannon had never received an instruction manual on how to deal with relationships, sex, and issues from her past.  But look at God!  She was chosen to be the preachers trophy wife.  A wife?  She didnt even know how to be a role model, having never truly had one herself.  This is a powerful story of overcoming obstacles, circumstances, and setbacks.

This true story is a very inspirational, honest, and in depth look into the mindset of a growing woman.  It details the lessons she learned through her many trials and tribulations in her life.  It details the struggle attempting to find her niche in the world, a relationship, herself, and God.  This story is a “how-to” guide on “Overcoming,” using the lessons learned through life experiences of overcoming drug abuse, abortion, rape, dysfunctional surroundings, low self esteem and sexual sin.  The book gives wisdom learned through trial and error as well as Biblical principles to help others who desire to change their life.  “My main goal is to show people that they can do anything they set their minds to, no matter what types of adversity they face.” says Ms. Walker.   This book has a fresh outlook on a Christian personal testimony that can be regarded as self help.  It deals with issues that I believe many women, as well as men, will be able to relate to.  It shows that wanting change and getting help is not something to be ashamed of.  This book shares the wisdom that has been gained from experience in having overcome various obstacles in life.





As a co-author it has been an honor to write and be published along side some AMAZING women with AMAZING stories!  These stories by each author about going through and getting through are inspiration and motivation to know you can do it too.